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Global Infrastructure
for Digital Assets Exchange

We are building a liquidity layer for digital assets: uniting markets,
empowering creators, bridging the gap to mass adoption, built on top of Starknet.

Built in collaboration with Starknet Pionners

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Our Mission

Building a virtuous economy for NFTs

By unifying all the digital asset liquidity and enforcing a fair fee repartition between all actors of the ecosystem, we aim to build a win-win ecosystem for all

Instant access to the entire NFT market
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Get your assets instantly available on all participating apps

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Launching your own app? Enjoy instant liquidity to develop your project

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Currently supporting all Starknet assets, with many more chains to come

Ensuring sustainable growth with a fair fee allocation
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Each stakeholder is core to the open economy: we enforce royalties at the protocol level

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From digital asset creators to marketplaces we create a virtuous environment where each stakeholders are incentivized

Our Products

Everything you need to kickstart your project


Start building with our liquidity layer

NFT APIS mobile


A decentralized appchain on top of Starknet that run our orderbook

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Gain access to the market liquidity and boost the visibility of your assets across multiple applications and platforms.

Developer Experience

Everything you need to launch faster

NFT APIS mobile


Gain access to standardized NFT collections and token metadata to enhance the user experience across your applications.

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NFT APIS mobile

Orderbook API

Access ArkProject Orderbook orders, sales, floor prices and more...

Marketplace API mobile

Marketplace API

Access NFT collections & token data with prices, orders & sales and more...

Sell Experience

Set up the best selling experience

NFT APIS mobile

Custom Marketplace

Build your perfect custom marketplace

NFT APIS mobile

Smart Wallet

Onboard users without friction



Enable mass-market-ready payment solutions in any location and with any currency.

NFT Launchpad

NFT Launchpad

Easily mint, drop and sell your next NFTs


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